Why Sugar is Sabotaging Your Work Day Productivity

We think it’s safe to assume that 90% of the population is at any given point:
a) tired and b) stressed. When this is the case the body needs more energy to keep going and it just feels like an uphill struggle simply getting through the day. The body needs energy quickly and the foods that are fastest at being converted in energy…yep you’ve guessed it! All the unhealthy ones *booo*.

So you’ve overslept, you’re running late for work, tired after a disrupted nights sleep thanks to *insert one of the following…pets/babies/snoring partners/work problems/the neighbours car alarm*. What will your brain go for?
The quickest food to prep and eat.
Hello sugary cereal or jam on toast!

As a result of the sudden sharp increase in sugar, your blood sugar levels spike and any excess sugar is stored as fat. This sudden spike in blood sugar also results in an energy spike; great for half an hour but then you’ll come crashing down and feel like you’ve got even less energy than before.
This spike and crash will continue for the rest of the day as you eat more and more sugar to combat the growing exhaustion and low energy levels.

Not only will you feel exhausted and be craving sugar, you’re also more likely to not be able to concentrate and will feel very sluggish. This is obviously going to mean zero productivity and nap time during meetings. It may even make you irritable and snappy (not ideal when you’re at work).

Sugar has also been found to be very addictive; if it’s in your system, your body is going to keep craving it. This means that vicious cycle of low energy, poor concentratyion etc.. will continue day after day.

So what’s the solution? A ‘good nights sleep’ is not always an option for many of us although we do encourage you to try and get to bed a wee bit earlier if you can.

Otherwise you might benefit from trying a lower carbohydrate diet thats higher in healthy fats & protein instead. Fats have been shown to stabilise energy levels, increase concentration levels and help to manage hormones (such a ghrelin & leptin- the hunger and appetite hormones).

So what would a lower carbohydrate and higher fat & protein diet look like?

3 scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil & a portion of smoked salmon & spinach (add chilli flakes & a squeeze of lemon juice for some extra flavour).

Small handful of nuts and/or a protein shake.

Cooked duck breast (cooked in olive oil) with wilted pak choi, beansprouts and pomegranate seeds (add a splash of sauce sauce, chilli flakes & ginger for flavour).

Carrot & celery sticks with a tbsp of hummus.


Chilli con carne made with lean turkey mince, served with a sweet jacket potato and some green veggies.

In this day of eating we’ve limited carbs until the end of the day and during the dinner we’ve reduced the fat intake as you’ve already hit your fat goal throughout the rest of the day. We’ve then introduced a great source of carbs (sweet potato) that’s high in dietary fibre and vitamin A & C for dinner.

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