What Happens When You’re De-Hydrated

We always encourage our clients to drink more water. It is SO important that our bodies stay hydrated.

These flowers are an excellent example.

I was given these beautiful flowers but after a few days, forgot to water them again. In the top picture you’ll see, they went all droopy, they shrivelled up and I was worried they weren’t going to last.

I suddenly realised- this is what happens to our bodies when we’re de-hydrated! We feel… well droopy and a little shrivelled up really.

If you’re body is lacking in H20, you’re going to:

-sleep poorly,

-have rubbish energy levels,

-get strong sugar and hunger cravings

-and you’re just generally going to feel rubbish.


The bottom photo is the next day, I watered the flowers and hey presto! They came right back to life.

So how much water should I be drinking?

You should be aiming for 2-3 litres a day but don’t force it. Drink when you’re thirsty.

Carry a bottle around with you and flavour it with lemon & mint if you find drinking plain water a little dull.

Next time you start to feel a little like those flowers, get a glass of water down you and stay hydrated!


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