Chris Pound
Zest24 Coach

Former unfit sales manager and powerboat instructor turned personal trainer,  mud runner, mountaineer and all round health coach. Twelve years ago my weight placed me in the obese category. I was 16st and only 5’10. My job and lifestyle choices meant that I would work long hours and be on the go, snacking on the wrong things and then not eating what I should at meal times. I’d also be too tired to go to the gym or go for a run. Nor did I want to if truth be told. It’s a story that many of us can relate to and it’s hard to break free and make a change.

I made a decision however, to re-evaluate my situation and turn my life around. I decided to put myself first and to turn fitness and health into a lifestyle rather than just a hobby. Now, I want to utilise my coaching experience and skill sets to help you realise your goals.

After working in a prestigious gym in Cheltenham for the last 8 years, it became clear that some of the basic principles are either misunderstood, not known or people simply find them hard to follow. As such, I decided to set up a health & fitness company, ZEST24, to address some of these issues. My dream is to create a venue where clients can come and learn how to do the basics right, learn what and when to eat, how to exercise efficiently and most importantly, how to make this fit into their own lives.

I love helping people as I find it extremely satisfying and rewarding. I can push people to their limits so they get the best results possible, all the while making sure the fun factor isn’t lost. If you’re having fun, you don’t notice you’re working out. Using trusted techniques and resources; I can improve your performance for a specific event, improve your endurance, increase your strength, help you lose weight or just make exercise work for you…it worked for me!

  • Complimentary body screening and movement analysis 
  • Flexibility and mobility programme to follow
  • Bespoke workout programme to follow specific to your goals (multi package options only)
  • Nutritional programme or advice (package option only)
  • Regular checkins to ensure adherence
  • Body measurements taken at clients request
  • Advanced cardio techniques for weight loss 
  • Body-weight and core exercises to enhance and improve posture 
  • Injury rehab and prevention
  • Improved flexibility & mobility
  • Endurance specific training 
  • Strength and conditioning 
  • Kettlebell, TRX and ViPR training
  • High intensity circuits
  • Bootcamp style classes
  • Body toning
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Healthy choices – Sustainable nutrition

Chris Pound – Founder of Zest 24

Cheltenham Personal Trainer

“With years of experience working with people just like you and a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to be over-weight and unfit, our coaches know exactly what you’re going through. They know just how to keep you motivated, keep you smiling and get you great results.”

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