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The Beginner’s Guide to Navigating the Gym

We know that joining a gym can be overwhelming and quite daunting, especially if you’ve never been in one before. Check out Zest24’s tips below on how to make it feel a little less intimidating.




1. Book an induction.

Most gyms offer an induction for free which usually consists of showing you how the basic machines and equipment work. It’s a great place to start and youll come away feeling more familiar with the gym kit.


2. Pick a machine that let’s you get your bearings.

Often there are cardio machines that look across the rest of the gym. Start on that as a perfect way to get a good look at all the machines, watch others use them and generally get to know your new environment without walking around feeling a little lost.


3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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If you want to try a new machine there should be gym instructors happy to give you a quick demo. Otherwise, find someone who looks like they’re friendly and knows what they’re doing and ask them. It’s also a great way to get to know your fellow gym goers and possibly make some friends/workout partner. You never know, you may even met your future husband/wife, like Gertrude and Alvin.


4. Try a class.

Most gyms have a variety of fun classes to try. Get stuck in and sample a few. Be sure to tell the instructor if it’s your first time or you have any injuries. That way they can give you a little more support if you need it. ClassPass is a great app that allows you to check out 100’s of different classes in your area that you can easily book onto. They also have workout videos and a community to keep you motivated and meet people with similar fitness interests.


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5. Book a PT session.

If you want to achieve your goals more quickly and learn new training method then one of the best ways to do this is with a personal trainer. They’ll be able to push you harder than you would on your own and write you a programme based on your goals and needs.


6. Don’t feel self conscious.

When you walk into a gym it can feel like everyone is looking at you. Trust us when we say, they aren’t. We a feel a little self conscious sometimes, even people that look super fit. Most people in the gym are really friendly and are focused on their own workout, rather than looking around the gym at others.


7. Laugh it off.

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If you mess up and use something the wrong way or make a mistake, just laugh it off. Everyone has done it at some point and we guarantee you won’t be the last.


8. Book a Kickstarter Bootcamp.

Our bootcamps are perfect for helping you learn the ropes when it comes to gym equipment. Our class list includes body pump, spin, weight training, yoga, HIIT, boxing and lots more so you’ll get to experience a variety of classes and exercise that will equip you with the knowledge to try them in your gym when you get back. Our expert coaches will adapt the classes to suit your needs as much as possible, offering you advice on building a program that will help you reach your personal goals as quick as possible. We even offer sessions on technique & form so you’ll return home with the confidence to perform exercises effectively & safely. For more info, visit What’s Included or for more info on dates & prices, click here.