How to Actually Stick to Your Weight-loss Goals and See Results in 2018

According to the guardian, 80% of people have given up on their resolution within 3 months however, this doesn’t need to be the case. Here are Zest24’s top tips on how to stick to your goals this year and beyond.

1. Take it 1 goal at a time.

If you try and do too much in one go you’ll end up finding it so much harder, getting overwhelmed and falling off the wagon so much quicker. Take it step by step. For example, just cut down on one thing that’s unhealthy (alcohol, chocolate or fizzy drinks). Once you’ve beaten the cravings for that one thing, then move on.

2. Have a fitness goal.

If you want to lose weight you should exercise as well as eat more healthily. Setting yourself a fitness goal will keep you on track and motivated to keep pushing yourself.

3. Set reminders.

Go to the gym, drink more water, stretch more! Whatever it is, reminding yourself will keep your goal in the front of your mind and encourage you to keep working on it. There’s even a great app called Lift that can set you daily fitness based reminders to ensure you keep on track.

4. Do it with a friend/co-worker/partner.

Zest24 Bootcamp Team Press-ups







If you’ve both got similar goals then work together. You’ll hold each other accountable and have more fun if you’ve got someone else there with you.

5. Try a new class.

Zest24 Bootcamp HIIT

If the gym still feels a bit daunting, sign up for a class instead. Let the instructor know you’re a beginner and they’ll then be able to offer you more help. Some of the classes available on our bootcamp include spin, body pump, weight training and yoga. It’s great to get a good mix of cardio, resistance training & stretching to ensure you have a well-balanced and exercised body giving you have an all-round fitness level, rather than just focused on one area. Cardio is great for your respiratory function, weight training builds muscle and the more muscle you have will increase how many calories you can eat without gaining weight. Stretching will increase your range of movement, reduce stress levels and help aid muscle recovery, all vital for your body.

6. Find your why?

Think hard about why you want to lose weight, get fitter etc. Is it to feel good about yourself again, so you can chase your kids around without getting out of breath, to improve your health? Whatever the reason, it has to be a good one as it’s going to be the driving force behind you sticking to your goals and actually achieving them. This reason will keep you going when you don’t really feel like it and will ensure exercising and eating well, becomes a habit.

7. Get disciplined.

Weightloss isn’t always about just getting motivated. We’re not always going to feel motivated. That’s why your methods to losing weight must become habits, something you do regardless of whether you want to or not. Discipline is the key to reaching your goals. You just have to decide you’re going to do it and not make excuses.

8. Make it fun!

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Being disciplined is 10 times easier when you enjoy what you do. So find food you love that’s also healthy and find exercise you enjoy.

9. Book onto one of our bootcamps.
It’s the best way to kick-start your goals and actually learn what to eat and how to exercise so you can continue to see results at home. We give you all the tools you need, developing your confidence and ensuring you stick to it through on-going support and aftercare.

If you’re serious about achieving your goals in 2018 and need a kick start, come and stay with us on a luxury, residential bootcamp. You can expect to lose between 3 & 10lbs in just 7 days, as well as learn how to keep seeing results at home with quick and easy meals and fun, simple workouts to get your body burning fat and building lean muscle. With your own private chef, workouts catered to you (indoor & outdoor) and VIP touches such as complimentary massage, you’ll lose weight and enjoy yourself. Click here for dates & prices.